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Calathea Orbifolia Small in 170mm Mr Kitly x Decor Self-Watering Pot

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Known to us, as the little attraction, due to her beautiful patterned distinct leaves, we just can't get enough! This plant comes in a 17cm Mr Kitly x Decor Self-Watering pot, in a colour of your choice. These pots really take the fuss out of keeping your plant alive and thriving. Please consider the information below for any extra information. 



  • Keep the soil of this lady evenly moist, being careful to not over water. Self-watering pots will take care of this for you. 

  • Best suited to lower and Indirect lighting as bright light may burn the leaves.

    • Prefers humid environments so the bathroom would be an ideal place, if not, some frequent misting would not go astray.

    • Fertilise during the warmer months.