Dear Boni Plants: An Affordable and Unique Gift


Delivering flowers to a loved one or a work colleague is an old-tradition, but flowers die. They wither and decay, leaving that special someone with a dead bouquet of garbage. At Dear Boni Plants, we specialize in plant delivery Melbourne, delivering living, breathing plants that will last far longer than any bouquet of flowers. 


The Perfect Gift

Dear Boni Plants is the perfect gift delivery Melbourne idea for someone you care about. Delivering to numerous locations across Melbourne, you can buy plants Melbourne on our website and choose the time and location for your special gift to arrive. Using our post code checker, you can confirm your location with ease. We deliver our plants personally for the ultimate local Melbourne experience, so our plant delivery Melbourne is limited to Melbourne and local areas. You can refer to our location list to check and see if we are able to deliver a plant to your destination. 

At Dear Boni Plants, you can choose from a wide variety, and buy plants Melbourne from anything on the list. These include locally grown flora and fauna, like Peace Lilly’s, Snake Plants and various small succulents all grown in Melbourne. 


Easy Care

Our plants offer a unique and affordable alternative to the standard gift of flowers. A Dear Boni plant is easy to care for, and the wide variety of indoor plants are delivered in self-watering pots. Our self-watering pots cause the plants soil to aerate, allowing the plant to drink as much as it needs. As an added benefit, each pot is free of BPA and are made locally right here in Melbourne. They are lightweight and stylish, coming in a wide variety of different sizes and different colours. Our plants also come with care instructions ensuring their best chance at survival.

Our plant delivery Melbourne service runs Monday through Friday (not including public holidays). When we deliver your gift, we will use our discretion to leave your plant in the safest possible location should the intended recipient not be there. If we’re not able to ascertain a safe location, re-delivery may add on some extra fees. Unfortunately, we do not offer gift delivery Melbourne on the same day, but we encourage you to place your order the day before your intended delivery date. Thursday and Fridays are a little more flexible, so if you have a special request do not hesitate to get in touch. 


The Green Way

At Dear Boni Plants we believe in all things green. After you buy plants Melbourne from us, your plant will be delivered in a beautiful package, made from eco-friendly bags. These are custom made and completely unique. We make them from recycled materials, so they are also completely compostable. However, they are also designed for re-use. We also use 100% recycled materials for our delivery postcards (which use vegetable inks) and the trays that we deliver our succulents in.