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Dear Boni plants potted in Mr Kitly x Decor Self-Watering Pots

Devil’s Ivy (Epipremnum aureum) Small in 170mm Mr Kitly x Decor Self-Watering Pot

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This is truly an easy plant to care for, ideal for beginners or notorious plant killers. An ideal plant if you want to keep your air clean and toxin free. This care-free creeper comes in a 17cm Mr Kitly x Decor Self-Watering pot, in a colour of your choice. Please consider the information below for any extra information. 



  • Prefers even moisture, but will tolerate being under watered compared to over as it can be prone to root rot.

  • Indirect lighting as bright light may burn the leaves.

    • Can tolerate various degrees of light and water. Fertilise only in the growing season.