Peace Lilly (Spathiphyllum)
Peace Lilly (Spathiphyllum)

Peace Lilly (Spathiphyllum)

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You either have grace or you don't... The Peace Lily has grace for days! Known for her gorgeous green leaves and delicate white flowers, this treasure is also fantastic as an air cleanser! The Peace Lily comes in its 14cm grow pot and gift wrapped in brown Kraft paper. 


  • Keep soil moist, but do not over water. This stunner will let you know when she is dehydrated but best to catch it before she gets all droopy. 

  • Prefers sunny positions but can easily survive on less light. This is one easy to please plant!
    • Fertilise lightly during the growing period. Do not fertilise in winter.
    • No sign of flowers? This could be due to lower than ideal light.