Chain of hearts potted in a beautiful pink pot. Delivered across Melbourne
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Potted Chain of Hearts, delivered across Melbourne
Buy Chain of Hearts, delivered across Melbourne

Chain of hearts (Ceropegia Linearis Woodii)

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This Sun Lover, is named for just that, she loves lots of bright light. You can treat this beauty similarly to how you would a succulent. The romantic of the group, this plant is sure to bring some whimsy into your space. This plant comes in a 14cm Ceramic Dover Glazed Terracotta Pot in your choice of Pink or Green.  


  • This baby prefers less water. Ensure soil dries out between watering, especially in the colder months. Prone to root rot so proper ventilation is needed with this one! 

  • Bright light works best with Chain of hearts. Watch out for big distances between leaves, this could be a sign of insufficient light.

    • Fertilise lightly during the growing period (spring/summer). Do not fertilise in winter.